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Land Surveying

Land Surveying | HSS Land Surveyors LLC - Bloomsburg, PA

So, you want to buy a parcel of vacant land where you’d like to build, let’s say, a house. Congratulations! You’re on your way to the American Dream! You start doing research to get as much information as possible, wanting to be sure you can, indeed, build on the land.

When you visit the people at the county zoning and plan review office, they start telling you about all of the potential obstacles. They mention things like title searches, environmental impact fees, easements, zoning, septic systems, building setback lines, government regulations, and so on. They also tell you that you will need to contact someone who provides land surveying services, but you don't even know where to begin.

Don’t worry! Simply call HSS Land Surveyors LLC and let us know that you have a piece of property ready for land surveying. We’ll take it from there! Our professionals will determine if there are any restrictions. We can test your land, determine if it is suitable for a septic system, verify that there are no government regulations to get in the way, and handle everything else the people at the zoning office mentioned.

If you already have a house or building on some property and simply want to expand, you should call HSS Land Surveyors LLC. Land surveying is mandatory, even if you are only building add-ons. We will find your existing septic system and determine if its capacity and location can handle your new addition plans. We can also locate and identify all underground utility wires and cables, which will give you solid knowledge of where you can build an addition without having to do the extra work of moving cables.

Our professionals also provide several other types of land surveys.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys - These are commercial surveys that usually only show the bare necessity information for the sale of a business property. ALTA surveys are sometimes accompanied by a topographical survey map.

Topographical Surveys - Showing topography for the location of trees, ponds, and sewer and subdivision designs. Topographical surveys show the actual contour of the property and are used to determine and design final contour.

Construction Layout and Staking - Layout, staking, and pinning footers for any new building, staking bridges or storm and sanitary sewer pipes, and staking utility and erosion control locations. We utilize robotic field technology and the latest CAD software.

We at HSS Land Surveyors LLC will make sure all of the upfront legwork and documentation is in place so you can start your project without having to worry about the suitability and usage of the land on which you’re building. Call us today for more information on your Bloomsburg property!