Elevation Certificates

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Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates | HSS Land Surveyors LLC - Bloomsburg, PA

Elevation certificates are certificates issued by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that documents the elevation data of a building against the elevation data of the property where it sits. An elevation of sea level is 0.00. For example, if a house that is 20 feet tall sits on a 30-foot tall cliff by the sea, the house's ground level is 30 feet above sea level and its rooftop is 50 feet above sea level.

Buildings that require elevation certificates are located in communities which are situated in special hazardous flood plain areas. These areas are found mostly along lake and ocean coastlines with nearby communities whose elevations are close enough to the water elevation to pose a very high risk for flooding, should they suffer a direct hit or ancillary effects from a severe storm.

Although NFIP issues the elevation certification, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the agency that determines compliance with the minimum elevation requirements per the community's flood plain management ordinances. FEMA will also use the data to determine the flood zone rating and assist in determining realistic insurance premiums. Most homes located in flood plain areas are now required to have flood insurance.

If your home or commercial building is in a flood plain area near Bloomsburg, PA, a Licensed Land Surveyor from HSS Land Surveyors LLC will take field measurements by using advanced equipment and computer software to establish the building and property elevation data. We then transfer the data to NFIP so the certificate can be issued. FEMA takes the data on the certificate that was compiled by us to determine the flood zone rating. The certificate is certified by a registered professional, and then is used to rate the building.

The information obtained from elevation certificates is critical for both insurance companies and banks in determining the magnitude of risk they are insuring or financing, respectively. All reports required by NFIP and FEMA are prepared by one of our professionally-trained staff at HSS Land Surveyors LLC.

If you need elevation certification for your property, don’t wait! Call us today to get started.