Boundary Survey

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Boundary Survey

Boundary Survey | HSS Land Surveyors LLC - Bloomsburg, PA

A boundary survey is a survey that retraces the original property lines and confirms the boundary lines and any easements or improvements (such as a new fence) on the property. The corners formed by the intersecting lines of a boundary survey are all set with yellow-capped steel rebar so it can easily be found. Because of the accuracy of boundary surveys, they are used as reference points to mark the lines for installing new improvements, such as the aforementioned fence.

A boundary survey performed by our professionals at HSS Land Surveyors LLC can have other advantages. Having an accurate record of your property’s boundary lines can settle any encroachment or setback issues that arise. A boundary survey can prevent something (remember that fence?) from being installed in the wrong location, thus preventing a dispute after it’s already installed. After completion of the survey, you will receive a professional drawing showing the boundary lines and improvements.

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