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Elevation Certificate
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Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates | HSS Land Surveyors LLC - Bloomsburg, PA

Elevation certificates are certificates issued by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that documents the elevation data of a building against...

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Land Surveying

Land Surveying | HSS Land Surveyors LLC - Bloomsburg, PA

So, you want to buy a parcel of vacant land where you’d like to build, let’s say, a house. Congratulations! You’re on your way to the American...

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Boundary Survey

Boundary Survey | HSS Land Surveyors LLC - Bloomsburg, PA,PA

A boundary survey is a survey that retraces the original property lines and confirms the boundary lines and any easements or improvements...

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Welcome To HSS Land Surveyors LLC

Having served the Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania area since 1997, HSS Land Surveyors LLC is a licensed and insured professional surveying company. We have performed countless surveying projects and have established ourselves as a reliable, professional, and capable company. We can handle any size job, whether you want one acre or thousands of acres of land surveyed.

At HSS Land Surveyors LLC, our most important job is building a strong, trusting, long-lasting relationship with our customers. We know that the only way to keep our clients satisfied and bringing their business back is through honesty, respect, fairness, and commitment.

We provide services for the following customers:

• Homeowners
• Land Developers
• Commercial Construction Companies
• Residential Builders
• Excavators
• Real Estate Professionals
• Government Agencies
• Utility Companies

We can provide various services for our clients. A partial list includes:

• Small Residential Lots
• Large Residential Subdivisions
• Commercial Projects
• Utility Location and Identification
• Municipal and State Government Properties
• Farm Properties
• Road and Railway Staking
• Recreational Facilities

We at HSS Land Surveyors LLC will provide complete, accurate surveys in a timely manner that fits your schedule. You will always be kept in the loop on the progress of your project as it moves along. We use the latest electronic data collection equipment and conversion software in all of our field work. The result is that you always get professional, high-quality plans and maps.

We are ready to start your project now! Call us today to speak with one of our professionals!

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